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The official Robert J. Kuntz digital RPG products store, operated by Three Line Studio.  Welcome to the treasure trove!  * LIVING ROOMS / BEYOND THE LIVING ROOM / THE OPEN FORM BROADSIDE are out now. *


Rob Kuntz is one of the legendary founders of the D&D™ game and a first-wave alumnus of TSR, the company which in 1974 produced the world's first RPG in his home town of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Rob is the "Last Designer Standing" from the game's UR beginning; and he considers it a huge honor and duty to celebrate the people and sources that were instrumental in birthing and nurturing what he believes was a paradigm shift in game design and game theory.

Three Line Studio is the entertainment-development firm of legendary award-winning author and designer Robert J. Kuntz. Three Line Studio Store sells his latest — never before published — RPG-related material in digital (PDF) format. Welcome!

2023 was an exciting year for TLS and our fans as we celebrated the 50-year anniversary of the inception and play-testing of the world's first commercial RPG wherein Rob was intimately involved with its creation. The celebrations continue in 2024 with the 50th anniversary of the launch of D&D. Follow us on our memory-filled journey with a slew of commemorative releases, starting off with Gargax's Glorious Gewgaws and Pryce's Price.

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